If there is one band in the world I love the most, it's definitely Coldplay! I'm very lucky to have seen their impressive Music of the Spheres-World tour 13 times over the span of two years. In 2022 is saw the show in Berlin, Brussels, London and in 2023 I saw the show in Barcelona, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. With more to come in 2024. 
During all the concerts I brought my compact camera to capture the show from the crowd. Giving it a different perspective from Coldplay's in-house photographers. And to keep the pictures for my own archives.
Never give up, and believe in your dreams!
During the show in Amsterdam one of my biggest dreams came true! I shot the band from the photopit!
In Barcelona I hold up a sign: 'Can I please photograph your show in Amsterdam!' Suddenly the manager stood behind me… 'Sure!' One month later I was standing on row zero shooting my all time favorite band with 60.000 people behind me! It was a crazy opportunity! The Dutch website Linda interviewed me about this adventure of a lifetime. 
You can read it here: 
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